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Deidre and Laney Rob A Train

After their mother ends up in jail, two sisters turn to train robbery in order to support their family.

Dir. Sydney Freeland, 2017, Feature
Premiered at Sundance 2017


Of Minor Prophets

In the rural Midwest, a lonely, bachelor farmer befriends a sex worker whose intentions aren't what they appear. Desire, deceit and doubt combine to create an explosive mix that forces both sides to discover just how far they're willing to go to get what they want.

Dir, Joe Hubers, 2014, Feature
Winner of Best Feature Narrative at the 2015 Landlocked Film Festival, and winner of World Cinema Screenwriting Award at the 2015 Amsterdam International Film Festival.



Harvest captures one week in the life of a woman named Jenni, exploring the simple patterns that define her life.  As we get to know her, we also come to understand the extent to which her seemingly ordinary life is of great interest to people she has never met.

Dir, Kevin Byrnes, 2016, Short


Heart of Wilderness

Travis and his wife Aimee are struggling to stay afloat financially and keep their marriage in tact. Travis risks everything and becomes entangled in a drug deal that goes south. Under false pretenses, he convinces Aimee to join him on a canoe trip in northern Minnesota where they find themselves paddling through icy waters. While there, he tells Aimee they cannot return home and she and their six-year old daughter must come with him to start a new life somewhere else. On the journey, Travis discovers Aimee has her own secrets as well.

Dir, Towle Neu, 2015, Feature
Premiered at River Run International Film Festival, 2015
Winner Grand Jury Prize, Duluth Superior Film Festival, 2015
Best of Fest, Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, 2015


The Birch Grove

Caught between love and death, two brothers wrestle with their past in a dance towards reconciliation. A poetic film about the power of family ties, inspired by the novella of the same name by the Polish author, Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz.

Dir, Gabrielle Lansner, 2014, Short
Newport Beach Film Festival (Premiere) 2015
Cannes Short Film Corner, 2015
Cinedans, Amsterdam, 2015
San Francisco Dance Film Festival, 2015

The Stronger


The Stronger is a film that evokes the interior conflicts of two women grappling with love, betrayal, and shame and is inspired by August Strindberg’s play of the same name. An emotional and psychological journey unfolds as we are drawn into the interior worlds of two women who are in love with the same man. Without dialogue, the story is told entirely through subtle, but emotionally charged choreography juxtaposed with realistic vignettes.

Dir, Gabrielle Lansner, 2012, Short
Nominated Best Experimental Film, Female Eye Film Festival, Toronto, Canada
Best Artistic Directors Award, Lady Filmmakers Festival, LA, USA
Award of Distinction, Open Stage Film Festival, Tarnow, Poland


The Joneses

The Joneses explores the story of Jheri Jones, a lively 74-year-old transgender divorcee and her family who live in Bible Belt Mississippi. Though she’s reconciled with the family after years of estrangement, and now lives with two of her sons in a trailer park home, Jheri embarks on a new journey to reveal her identity to her grandchildren, resolve old resentments and reconcile thorny questions from the past.

Dir. Moby Longinotto, 2016, Documentary
Premiered at San Francisco International Film Festival, 2016


Drunktowns Finest

Drunktown's Fines  follows three young Native Americans – an adopted Christian girl, a rebellious father-to-be, and a promiscuous transsexual – as they strive to escape the hardships of life on an Indian reservation.

dir. Sydney Freeland, 2014, Feature
Executive Producer, Robert Redford
Premiered at Sundance 2014
Winner Jury Grand award and Audience Award Outfest 2014

W.L. Dow: Architect


W.L. Dow, Architect  is a documentary about a prairie architect who came to Dakota Territory in 1880 and built a number of symbolic structures. Wallace Dow has been referred to as the "Builder on the Prairie" and was considered the premier architect of South Dakota in the late 19th century.